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Now....You have reached it this far.. I know what your thinking. Your thinking  ok ok ok what is this next page going to be? Well your 'bout to find out. Just keep scrolling your eyes down a little bit more and you'll see. So what i know your thinking my site is cute... well to tell you the truth, I hate being "cute". I would like for you to call it cool or something just not cute. Im not trying to be mean but i just hate cute. Well enough about what i like here go on down:


Hippies tried to make peace in the world.Along with love and not war. They wore the old huge flares, the head bandanas, groovy hippie tye dye shirts, dude platforms, and they were just cool and I cant help the way im into them but I love them because of their style and type. I love their sayings like cool, groovy, dude, and most of all phat is my favorite.I have a Godmother named Tracie Stewart and she threw me a hippie party on my eleventh birthday and like 23 people came. The kids dressed as hippies. We had our beetle bandanas on and our little hippie colored glasses.It was so cool. We had all kinds of stuff you wouldve enjoyed. Hippies are my look up to people.So when you think of hippies as just plain old people think of me that they are my look up to people.Give them a hand at that....



Lets all just hope and pray that there will never be any more wars.  It is so cruel to fight but I do hope that the power of hippies return!!ROCK ON HIPPIES!