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If you noticed on the pictures there were numbers either about or beside them. Well I am going to tell more about them on this page.

1: Ben Phillips is my godmother's ex fiance's brother. He is a nice person. He loves to fool around a lot and likes to cheer people up if they're are having a bad day.

2: Judy Phillips is Ben's mother. She is a very sweet lady. She would adopt anyone that is nice. She is a good American! She live in Anderson, SC.

3: Andrew Perry. He isnt necessarly a boyfriend boyfriend but I like to say he's a VERY close friend. He is a very respectful boy and has a good heart. He also has good manners. Oh dont forget, good taste (me!)

4: My jammin friend Tiffany Schreffler. She is cool. She was Brittney's best friend before she was mine but Brittney was my best friend before she was Tiffany's. It's confusing.I was in 4th grade with Brittney and then I left school for homeschool. Then in sixth grade, the 1st year in Middle, I was still being homeschooled and Brittney had Tiffany as a best friend. So then about the middle of the year I decided to go back to public school and then me and Brittney reunited. It's not really that long of a story but I can bring it out into a long story. Well......(Im just picking) I am not going to drag the story out as if I hadent already. But I think that she is a good friend to talk about. So is Brittney.

5: Ok be prepared because this is going to be a long one. My adopted grandmother Mrs. Evelyn. Are you wondering why I call her Mrs? Because when I was in the fourth grade she was my Sunday School teacher. We began getting close in the 4th grade and then when it was time to move on up to the 5th grade I wasent ready because she is such a wonderful teacher. As many people call her she is a "Prayer Warrior." So I started to sit with her every Sunday and we began to come closer together. Well, she and her husband are travelers and they were going to all different states in the US the month of August 2001. The last Sunday in August she came back and that was the Sunday that our classes were changing. Well now I was going to the 6th grade. So later on that night I had a dream where Mrs. Evey left church. I dreamt that. The following Sunday she told me that she was leaving church and was going to find another one. So it was like I had a future dream. It has been a year since she left. I and the whole church for the ones who knew her miss her lots. She is a wonderful woman.

6 :My mom, Sandy Smith. She got married August 22 1997 I think or 98 one. She has four girls. One step and three birth. Oldest to youngest: Melissa, 16: Candace,12: Me,12 to be: and Mariah.5. Were all one big family.

7: Well, it's the big family. Candace is taking the picture but there will be a picture of her soon. Say CHEESE!!!

8: Ohhhhh, you've come to my cousin. Amy!! She is pretty isnt she? She is a sweety too. She has a 5 or 6 year old boy named Eli.

9: My littlest sister, Mariah. She is 5 years old. Her birthday is April 22nd.

10: Beauty must run in the family. Me, my cousin, and now my good looking sister. She's really cool. She agrees with me ALL the time. We hardly ever fuss!

11 :My cousins Natalie and Chase.Dont get the idea that they are married or that they are boyfriend and girlfriend but they are brothers and sisters. They are so pretty and handsome.

12:My other friend Tiffay Shreffler. She is one of the best friends I have. She is our 2nd stooge. We (me,Brittney,Kaylen,and Tiffany) have a group called the 4 swings meaning something too complicated and hard to tell but it means something like Angels but Angels is too popular. So we all have a group and hopefully forever we will be best friends forever and ever.

13:Kaylen Lee. She is a part of the 4 swings. She is my top best friend. I know I can count on her for anything and everything. She means a lot to me and she is one of the best friends in the world! She is an Angel.

14:Me and Brittney. She is the last one of the 4 swings. She is one cool friend too. I have know her for 5 years now. She has everything in common with me.Birttney Lackey.

15:My Volleyball star sister.Melissa. She is sweet 16.

16:Me!!!! My school picture! Dont I look good? I got that taken August 20, 2002. Now you actually know what I look like up close. Well sort of:)

Well until I get more pictures taken, which I will, and get them developed, I will add them on here ASAP. I hope that you enjoyed what I have on here.Thank you once again for looking at them.