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Megan's Groovy Hippie Web Site

Hi and welcome to my website.On this website you will have a great time thanks to the help of jokes and just enjoyable stuff as i call it. This site was thought of by me because i am so much into hippies and i love the styles as most kids do. I love the wild colors and all that kinda stuff.You know something about me right now that i am rude. I havent even introduced myself. Let me start of with me!

My name is Megan Benfield and i am 12 years old. I have a large family.I have 2 birds. A girl cocketiel, Sweety and a boy parakeet, Luke. I love them very much. I have 3 sisters and lots of grandmaws. I was born 1990 October the 5th. I have thousands of friends and when you see this page and if you at least enjoy SOMETHING then you will become one of my friends.I love to dance and believe it or not i am good. I am an ex cheerleader and an ex gymnist. My body is very flexible by now.I want to be a lawyer when i grow up along with a wonderful mother of 3.I love to play tennis,cheerlead, dance, i like playing basketball (even tho im not good at it), and i love just really working my body in a fun way. I love to get outside even tho it mostly is cold but i still love the outdoors. 

Now about my sisters. I have 3 as i have told you. We will start with the oldest one going down to the youngest one. Melissa is 16 years old and is a wonderful teen sister who loves to dance as i do.Candace is 12 but she is 4 months older than I, she likes to dance. She takes it after me. I show her how to do most of the moves and can you believe it she even told her friends that i showed her most of the moves. I guess she was just trying to be nice but i take it as me being looked up to for moves haha. Now last but not least Mariah who is 5. We are one big happy family. 

Well im going to stop all the giberish about me and my family and let you get going with my site.Oh yeah before you leave since i am just a kid, please sign my guestbook :)  Thank you for stoppin' by and no doubt you will have a wonderful time on here. Please email me and let me know what you think as you exit. As i say in my own cool way, Peace out for now. Far out dude!

forever hippies will live!

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